“From the Society, To the Society”
Kingmaker group founder, Mr. Mickey Chen, is a well-known entrepreneur in Taiwan, who started an international footwear-manufacturing group from scratch.

Mr. Mickey Chen and his wife, Mdm. Helen Chen, have always been uphold the spirit of “From the Society, To the Society” to help people in need.

From themselves to inspiring their employees, business acquaintances, and clients joining them together, they help children, students, senior citizens, and people in emergency situations, and bring them light and hope to get through the difficult times in lives.

Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Chen solely sponsored and officially founded KINGMAKER LOVE STAR CHARITY ASSOCIATION FUND in the spring of 2015. The purpose of the fund is to gather as much resources around as possible and deliver them efficiently to people in need.

Our Mission
  • Emergency
  • Students
  • Talented
  • Senior Citizens
The Meaning of Our LOGO
The design concept of our LOGO is the warmth of home, and the balloons represent hope.

We wish to offer in-time help for people in emergent difficulties, to bring them hope, and to encourage them to pass the harsh times of lives and become the ones who are able to help others in the future.